When implemented, Online BPAS brings in host of benefits to citizen, business and to the government. In fact the solution is made as an INTEGRATED MULTI AGENCY system, the advantages are multiplied.

Reduces the huge delays in the verification and sanction of Building Plans

Once the ZR/DCR is configured in the database all the checks up to millimetre accuracy is done by the software

Process brings in consistency and brings along confidence and transparency

Benefits to Government
  • Reduced manual effort in scrutiny of drawings
  • Quick statistics and data available to govt. from across the state
  • Reduced errors in verification of applications
  • FIFO logic removes partisan approach
  • Savings on stationery and paper: Go Green
  • Reduced application processing time
  • Reduced work backlog / pending applications
  • Improved service levels and quality
  • Enhanced transparency in public governance
  • Integration with government systems assures validated data

Benefits to Citizen
  • No need to visit office to submit application
  • One time document verification
  • CAD Drawing can be checked for compliance with byelaws before submitting
  • Therefore, reduced chances of revised submissions
  • Convenience of online payment to the services
  • Can track status of application online
  • In case of endorsements, re-submit on portal itself
  • No waiting time in queues
  • No telephonic follow up with needed officials

Organized By

Urban Development Department, Government of Karnataka

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